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Security Services

Since 2009 Miller Private has been delivering professional armed and unarmed security solutions to commercial and government customers with a focus on quality, flexibility and integrity. As a small woman-owned regional company, headquartered in the southeastern U.S., Miller Private has ample resources and infrastructure to provide a customizable plan for each customer's needs.

The selection of a security provider is the establishment of a strategic partnership and an ensuing relationship with people of two distinct organizational entities. Miller Private has deep roots in Georgia and the greater southeastern U.S. market. As such, we believe that our firm's commitment to operating with integrity, innovation and quality control have afforded us broad and diverse long-term clientele. 

Our client relationships are forged and maintained in such a tailored fashion that each client feels that they are Miller Private's only client. This level of customization is integral to our long-term customer retention and ability to add new clients into our resume of service to strengthen the company and the community.

Miller Private security personnel are fully trained, licensed and bonded in accordance with each state's laws. A firm understanding of the customer's needs drives the selection process and assignment of our personnel as well as a customized training regimen. Miller Private employs three full-time Armed and Unarmed certified instructors to accomplish the required training milestones.


Miller Private has the experience and qualifications to provide services in diverse client environments such as:

  • Industrial, Petrochemical, Governmental, Warehousing & Logistics

  • Public Arenas, Gated Community & High Rise Office

  • Educational Institutions, Hospitality & Health Care

  • Retail, Financial & Banking

  • Solar Construction Project Guards

  • Patrol 

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